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Hey! it´s me again!

So now I can help again, although not always available, you can email me for an appointment.

Just email me to:

letstalkabouthelp [you-know-what]

And we will set up an hour to chat on Skype to assist you


Closing day

This service is now closing due to a new job 🙂

Maybe someday I will came back

First was OK

I had my first appointment!!!

It wasnt a voice chat, only text, and I decided that I will not do that again.

It takes way too long than a voice chat.

Lets talk

So, my ideia is to help developers by an internet call.

I love to surf around on searching for concepts and libraries, but also, many other times I prayed so that I could call someone for help!

So I decided to do that, I´ll be around, using Skype and waiting for your calls.

I´ll do my best to help you.